Buying Alaska

Buying Alaska proves that forgoing basic amenities is a reasonable tradeoff when it comes to breathtaking views and stunning wild surroundings that you can't find anywhere in the lower 48 ...

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 7.1

Season 1 - Buying Alaska
"A pair born and raised in Alaska want a home on the Kenai River so that they can fish whenever they want in the opener of this series, which follows potential buyers as they search for property in the 49th state."
"A cabin close to Kachemak Bay is desired by a family of six from Utah who travel to Alaska every year to go fishing for halibut and salmon."
"A New Jersey couple searches for the perfect home to raise and train their dogsled team."
"A former merchant marine and his wife want a home in the wilderness, so that he can hunt and fish and enjoy the scenery."
"A couple determined to live off the land look for a home in Alaska."
"A father and son are in the market for a remote recreational property where they can hunt Kodiak brown bears."
"Former Broncos kicker Jason Elam and his wife Tammy search for their own private island in Sitka, Alaska."
"A licensed pilot and his wife search for a remote cabin in Seldovia, where their family can take advantage of the great outdoors."
"A family of hunters want a cabin with running water and electricity in time for moose season."
"A fireman searches for a cheap property in Homer, Alaska, to turn into a man cave where he can store his hunting and fishing equipment."
Season 2 - Buying Alaska
"Newlyweds Garret and Noelle Mischenko want a remote home in the Alaskan wilderness that's so off-the-grid, there's no road leading to it. In the winter, they'll have to travel by snow-machine! And the nearest general story is an hour away. With the wilderness comes bear attacks... which house is bear ready?"
"Matt and Jessica have a new baby and a dream of moving into a new home near the ocean around Juneau, Alaska. Waterfront homes are a bit too expensive so they choose a daring option - to live ON the a liveaboard boat! This may be cheaper, but they discover life on a boat with an infant is not as easy as it is on land."
"Sean and Jolene want a home in the isolated Alaskan village of Gustavus, where the wildlife runs rampant. It's so remote that bears can walk into your house! There are no roads in or out; the only way to reach the town is by ferry or by plane. One home the list has decorations made from moose bones hanging in every corner of the yard, while another features a rustic hot tub that seems like a luxury... until you see what's floating in the water."
"Pete and Anja are dog mushers and want to buy an Alaskan home that's right for them and their 21 dogs. The first property they see, The Pond House, is tucked so far away in the wilderness that there's a guest house on an island of the pond in the yard but is there enough open area for the dogs?"
"A home built to withstand the harsh snows of the mountainous Matanuska-Susitna Valley is sought by a couple, who look at a cabin decorated with animal heads, as well as one that has a moose for a neighbor and a place that doesn't have a roof."
"The Matanuska-Susitna Valley area is toured by a couple looking for a home on a lake."
"A Mrs. Alaska titleholder and her soldier husband search for a home in Fairbanks, Alaska."
"Grant and Khrissy just got engaged. He's all-Alaskan but she's a fish out of water from the Deep South. Now, roughing it Alaskan-style is giving Khrissy major culture shock so the couple wants to buy a house that's a mix of the Alaska and Alabama."
"Sean and Charlotte want a home in Fairbanks, Alaska, that won\u2019t cost them a penny in utility bills. So they\u2019re going off-the-grid. And that means one thing...there\u2019ll be no bathrooms...just an outhouse!"
"Born and bred Alaskans, Andy and Nicole, grew up in a town so remote, their family vehicles were airplanes! Now that they\u2019re looking for a new home, a driveway and garage won\u2019t cut it. They need a house with an airplane hangar and a runway."
"Charlie and Toni are outdoor adventure junkies who want a home in Alaska that\u2019s so remote they can catch their next meal from the ocean right off their front porch. They search for houses hidden in the secluded coves of Alaska\u2019s Kachemak Bay."
"A couple who are new to Alaska are hoping to find a home in the town of Homer."
"Russ and Dana search for a home in a small mountain town in Alaska where the views are spectacular, the area is prime for outdoor adventures, but life can change at any moment from the danger of an avalanche."
"David Parks and Chris Erickson are best friends. And they\u2019re also professional handymen. They want to buy a weekend getaway house in the wilds of Alaska, but they don\u2019t want to spend a lot of money."
"Chris and Heidi are marine adventurers who want Alaska\u2019s marine wildlife to be right outside their front door. They want to buy a home on the coveted waterfront of the oceanside city of Juneau."
"Pete and Martha have lived and worked in some of the wildest locations in the U.S. Now they're in the untamed last frontier of Alaska and want an isolated home with views of the tallest peak in North America - Mount McKinley."
"Texas native Colby wants an affordable home, but he\u2019s in for a shock because, in Alaska, that means a dry cabin with no running water. He doesn\u2019t know anything about life without plumbing so he enlists the help of his friend."
"A couple's house hunt on a remote lake in the Alaskan wild, where the only way to and from is off-road trails populated by a variety of animals, and the chances of finding indoor plumbing are slim."
"Shane and Erica want a home in the Alaskan wild, where it's so remote, the only way in is by a monster 8-wheeler. Homeowners beware! Bears attack the properties and beavers infect the drinking water with a painful disease."
"A couple want to experience the Alaskan frontier way of life, complete with hungry bears and outhouses, and so they search for a remote cabin that they can only get to by way of off-road vehicle."
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Season 3 - Buying Alaska
"The house hunt of a couple looking to reside on an Alaskan lake in the wilderness of the Mat-Su Valley is followed."
"Two couples who want to get away from civilization are followed as they search for a home. Included: a house that's only accessible via an 8-wheeler truck; and residences in the remote Alaskan village of Gustavus."
"Todd and Kristy have been living in a dry cabin in Talkeetna, Alaska for over a decade. Now that their two sons are getting older, they need to upgrade to a bigger home, one that has running water and electricity. Will a new location mean a new lifestyle?"
"Florida natives Michael and Miranda have just moved to Alaska. Life in the Last Frontier will be nothing like what they left behind in the Sunshine State and they\u2019ll miss the sunny beach, but they\u2019re up for the adventure."
"Adventurous couple, James and Erin, has been living in Anchorage for the past decade. Now that their son, Owen, is older they\u2019re looking to make the remote outpost of Talkeetna a full time home."
"Eric and Amanda are ready to buy their very first home in one of their favorite places to visit \u2013 Talkeetna, Alaska. But as newlyweds, every penny counts so they might have to go the extra mile \u2013 even if that means traveling off the road."
"Owners of a gym who want to move out of their Fairbanks apartment and into a more wild setting are followed on their house hunt."
"Alaskan natives who have built a successful rock-climbing business have a budget of $3 million for their dream house in the Last Frontier state."
"Kevin and Katelynn have toured all over Alaska but they keep coming back to the hillside town of Eagle River. It\u2019s rustic mountain living that\u2019s close to the big city of Anchorage. But no home in Alaska comes without risk... or quirks."
"Arizona natives, Eric and Kendra, are relocating from the desert of Phoenix to the tundra of Delta Junction, Alaska. Will they be able to find a place they can call home in one of the most remote areas of America\u2019s last frontier?"
"A couple who live off the land want a house where they can hunt, fish, garden and live the Alaskan lifestyle."
"There aren\u2019t any palm trees or tropical ocean breezes in the 49th state, but you can still live a beach life style on one of Alaska\u2019s 3 million lakes. Dave and Elena are ready to find their dream Alaskan beach home."
"Tim and Natalie rent a place on the Kenai River now but they\u2019ve always dreamed of living in a home on one of the river\u2019s few islands. Living in the middle of a river can be a challenge \u2013 there are no bridges to the islands and no sewage systems, either."
"Glennallen, Alaska is home to dozens of beautiful, remote lakes. After living in their crowded B&B, that\u2019s exactly where Eric and Cynthia want to look for their new Last Frontier escape."
"A recently engaged couple who love the water and fishing look for a home in the town of Soldotna on the glacier-fed Kenai River."
"A couple who are tired of making daily trips to the grocery store for water decide to give up their high-maintenance dry cabin and upgrade to a bigger place with indoor plumbing."
"Darien and Delana are looking to buy their first house near the Kenai River. But this musical couple can\u2019t afford to break the bank, so they\u2019ll have to look for a bargain away from the river\u2019s edge."
"Nicole and pilot Bruce have decided to leave the Lower 48 behind and make a new life up north. With their own private plane, they can buy a house anywhere they want. The search is on for a home with a runway."
"Roland and Tiffany live in Alaska\u2019s biggest city, Anchorage. But the non-stop, fast-paced lifestyle is getting to be too much for their big family. They want a home within 30 minutes of downtown where they can still escape into the wilderness."
"Wes and Angela own an air taxi company in Alaska. He flies the plane and she runs the office. They want to land a million dollar dream home and can fly anywhere in the state to find it. But if they can\u2019t agree on the location, their search may be grounded"
"A couple with a big truck and a small budget hope to find a home near Big Lake, Alaska."
"An ATV mechanic and his girlfriend look for a home with access to Alaska's epic backwoods trails."
"After building their relationship, a couple now is on the hunt to find the perfect rustic home."
"A couple who are entrepreneurs search for a million-dollar property in the Alaskan city."
"A pilot and his girlfriend take to the sky to find a home in the isolated village of Seldovia that fits their tight budget."
"Newlyweds with a budget of $150,000 hope to buy a home in Homer, Alaska."
"Newlyweds who live in downtown Juneau want to escape the crowds and find a property where they can relax."
"A couple want to test their adventurous lifestyle by looking for a remote wilderness cabin in Haines, Alaska."
"A couple search far and wide to find a home that allows them to escape the smell of a neighboring fish cannery."