Eric & Jessie: Game On

The Deckers try to juggle family, fame, and football.

Genre: Reality

Actor: Jessie James Decker , Eric Decker

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 6.1

Season 1 - Eric & Jessie: Game On
Season 2 - Eric & Jessie: Game On
Season 3 - Eric & Jessie: Game On
"After being sidelined this past season, Eric hopes for a clean bill of health from his doctors for the new season; Jessie's sister Sydney has a big announcement."
"Jessie travels to Los Angeles to search for a location for her band's next photoshoot then flies over to Las Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards, while Eric struggles with his uncertain future and gains a new appreciation for football."
"Eric, Jessie and family finally reunite at their Nashville home; Jessie gets back to work recording a duet with country star Randy Houser; Eric receives some shocking news that will change the Deckers' lives."
"Eric reels from shock of being cut from his team; Jessie receives upsetting news; determined to show everyone what they're made of, Eric gets back in the gym while Jessie delivers a fun, powerful performance for her fans."
"Jessie arranges a sexy surprise for Eric's Father's Day gift; Karen and Sydney are in full baby mode, catching up on some baby shopping and shower planning; Jessie is disappointed as Eric appears to have forgotten another anniversary."
"Still waiting for answers about Eric's football career, Eric and Jessie's busy trip to Los Angeles serves as a distraction; Jessie's Aunt Sharon visits and her tarot cards bring hidden messages; Eric gets the big news they've been waiting for."
"With the Deckers confirmed to stay in Tennessee, Eric and Jessie are excited to see what the future has in store; Eric joins Jessie in the studio to work on her new Christmas album; the couple finds out if their family is about to get even bigger."
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