My Million Dollar Invention

What was Edison's questionable role in the development of the electric chair? Which household utensil came from the mind of a prisoner? How was the Maclaren baby buggy inspired by a fighter...

Genre: Documentary

Country: N/A

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Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 0

Season 1 - My Million Dollar Invention
"How the electric chair, the Ouija board, and other chilling ideas became million-dollar inventions."
"See how the TV, speed camera, photocopier, and space telescope went from sketch drawings to life-altering inventions."
"See how crime made lucrative inventions out of the house alarm, the cash register, the Tommy Gun, and even the toothbrush."
"Would you inhale toxins, leap off a cliff, or shoot yourself to prove you're right? Meet four inventors who did just that."
"How did a waffle iron change the world of running shoes forever? Find out this and other invention secrets."
"The story of the gun meant to end violence, the box that keeps hearts beating, and the printer that can build anything."
"They walked through fires, faced poverty, ran for their lives, and found their fortune in gold, guns and games."
"Intermittent wipers, Lego bricks, and the smiley face came from the minds of ordinary people with extraordinary stories."